Chases, chases everywhere!

Yes. Chases! A chase Funko Pop is an alternative version of its original version. It is the same character, but is slightly different from the original. It also comes with a chase sticker.

Image result for funko chases stickers

Each chase has a 1 in 6 rarity. Not only that, it is a lot more expensive than the original version. Here are some examples of the original version and its chase version.


The chase version of the Duck Dodgers pop is metallic.


The chase version of the Stimpy pop is spotted.


The chase version of the Him pop is glow-in-the-dark.


The chase version of the Taz pop is grinning.


The chase version of the Remy pop is flocked.

In my opinion, not all the chase versions are better than the original. Like for example, I prefer the Demogorgon (Stranger Things) original pop than the chase.


But then again, for some of us collectors, especially those who collect only one or few lines, we want to get everything to have a complete set. To get the taste of that rewarding feeling. 😀

In my collection, I currently have 4 chases. Here they are:


My first chase is Eleven from Stranger Things. Got it at a friendly price from Filbar’s Megamall. Same with Demogorgon and John Wick. My most recent chase is the Alien from Independence Day 4. Which I bought from my cousin today. (Shoutout to Rap Caintic!)

For me, collecting chases is kinda like collecting jewelry. It’s expensive and it’s hard-to-get yet it’s so rewarding getting one. Hope to get more chases in the future! 🙂

P.S. This year, Funko’s planning to release a lot of chases. ;-;


*Other pictures taken from Google

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