Funatic Day Out 7

Good evening everyone! Been busy this weekend due to work AND… this AWESOME event I’ve been to: Funko Funatics Day Out 7!!!


(c) Nikko Lim

So what is this event all about? It’s a Funko Funatic event that is held every 2 years. It’s a gathering for all the Funko fans out there to meet and get to know each other. Its goal is for Funko collectors to meet new friends who shares the same passion and also have fun. FDO involves 12 cities around the world: DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Kentucky, Minneapolis, NYC, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco, Singapore, and Manila. And, for the 2nd time, Philippines was chosen to host the 7th Funatics Day Out event. (Yay!) It was held at Fisher Mall, Quezon City.


I arrived at 10AM (Registration starts at 10:30AM).


(c) Mhellai Mateo

Upon entering, this machine caught my eye. Look at those prizes! The token was only worth 50 pesos. (2.63$) But, the game was so hard, I think nobody has won anything from it that day. (Lol sad.) You have to press the stop button while the “S” is moving. The “S” must fit in one of the numbers/letters to claim the prize.

There were also several games during the program such as: charades (Funko Pop characters), matching game (matching a Funko Pop with its corresponding sticker), trip to jerusalem, etc. For those who participated, they get to pick a prize. Prizes include stickered/exclusive pops and dorbz, regular pops and dorbz, protos, and a lot more! I was able to get a Vault Boy Specialty Series GITD Dorbz (gave it to my cousin), HT Savage Hulk and Green Lantern Dorbz.



(c) Kristian Carlo Gianan

These are my seatmates (Table #6: Team Gamora). (Best team ever, by the way!) Shoutout to: (from the left) Kristian Carlo Gianan, Lyn Habon and April Dacanay of Bully Boy Collectibles, Monica Baroquillo, Carlo Baroquillo, Zen Krueger (Brian), and Ria Barrientos Gianan. Nice meeting you guys! 🙂


(c) Ken Koo

And, these are all the attendees (a.k.a. members of the Funko Funatic Philippines group)

Before the party ended, there was a special surprise waiting for all of us from Funko.


This cute pink T-Bone Funko Pop (LE: 500 pcs)! That was so generous of you Funko, thank you so much! Everyone in the party was given one pink T-Bone pop. Thank you so much also to Funko Funatic Philippines for making this happen. So worth it! And, it was so fun!

After the party, I went to Big Boys Toy Store Fisher Mall to buy a few pops.


These are all my overall hauls for this week combined with pops bought from other shops and fellow collectors.

Lastly, May 6, 2017 was also Free Comic Day. I was able to get these for free:


Thanks Filbar’s Megamall!

Awesome, fun and tiring day! Happy kid here. 😀

*FDO research from

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