Korea Tour 2017

Hi guys! My family and I went to Korea last week (July 6 – July 10) to escort my cousin to her summer school (CUK Global Summer School 2017) at Gyeonggi-do. The rest of us stayed in Seoul, Korea for 4 days.

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*For this blog, there won’t be anything about Funko Pops. Sadly, I didn’t find any Funko Pops during our stay. 😦 (Or maybe they’re very rare in Korea?) Although I hauled a lot of awesome toys and collectibles for my collection room! 😀

Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Our place was near to the shopping places. If you plan to travel in Korea, Myeongdong, Seoul is a MUST see place if you love shopping. There is a LOT of stores selling items in  affordable prices. Most of the stores are selling beauty products (my mom hauled a lot lol). If you are into beauty products, you will definitely love this place. Of course, my focus was hunting any collectible items for my room.

I recently got drawn into watching k-drama. The first k-drama that I watched, Goblin, was a very well made series. I loved the plot and everything. Then my cousin suggested Weightlifting Fairy (my favorite k-drama so far by the way). Now, I’m currently watching Descendants of the Sun. There were a lot of k-drama merchandises in the underground markets (also a MUST see place). These were my k-drama hauls:

1k won socks, Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy soundtrack CDs, Goblin and Legends of the Blue Sea plush keychains.

I also bought my first Popobes:

Toy Story and Spiderman Popobes

I’ve seen them before online. They are very popular in Korea. Couldn’t resist the cute spideys and Toy Story Popobes! xD

There was also a LINE store in Myeongdong:

LINE store in Myeongdong, Seoul

Very cute products. Bought this figure:


Here are some of my hauls from various shops such as Artbox (A LOT of awesome stuff in here!), mini stalls, etc.:

Plushies, keychains, snow globe and mini block.
No-face (Spirited Away) holding 500 won

There was also a newly opened 8-floor Daiso near our place in Seoul:

(c) Google Images

If you are looking for very cheap yet good quality items, this is the place! Here are my hauls from Daiso:

Useful cases for my collections
Vodka cruiser coin banks

Used the display cases for these:

By the way, if you are a k-pop fan, Seoul is definitely a heaven for you! My cousin is a k-pop fan, and she hauled a LOT. A lot of k-pop merchandises were given for free (or for buying things for a certain amount of won) in beauty product stores during our stay. There were also other k-pop merchandises being sold in the underground markets such as keychains, tumblers, posters, pillows, etc.

In terms of food, there were a lot of delicious food in Seoul. Since I LOVE spicy food, their food was a paradise for me. Almost everything is spicy! ❤ My favorite food was the spicy cheese noodles:

Image result for korea spicy cheese noodles
(c) Google Images

Very delicious and extremely spicy. Bought them for 1k won each at Daiso.

The next time we go back, we will definitely travel to the other places in Korea! 😀

Here are more pictures from our trip!

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During our stay in the Hong Kong airport (because there was no direct flight available), I also bought my first Hot Toys Cosbaby:

Spider-man cosbaby! Very awesome.

Now that I’m back in the Philippines, Funko Pop hunting time!!! 😀

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